Lost Lady Society Podcast

Can you believe that we have now recorded 15 podcasts? Who knew we had that much to say???? Anyone that has ever met us!? Ha.


Podcast 15 – Shakespeare was a sexist. Tune in to our chat about Shakespeare’s women to see whether we can figure out if he was a sexist.


Podcast 14 – Is Swearing Ladylike? (Whatever the F#%k that means?! Ha.).


Podcast 10 – Bras

No need for a caption. Listen in to our chat about bras, with contributions from some of our fans! Exciting. Thank you for getting involved Abby Young and Anne King.

Podcast 9 – Somerset Women Setting up Business

We were joined this time for a casual chat about business with the wonderful Mandy Elliott (gut health specialist and owner of Priory Coffee in Stoke Sub Hamdon), Tina Booth (The Temple in Yeovil) and Sandra Allan (Bon Accord Arts and private tutor).

Women setting up business in Somerset.

Podcast 8 – Tribe (Parte Terza)

Thank you to Tina from the Temple in Yeovil for joining us to round off our Tribe Trilogy. A lot of a laughs and quite the journey through a myriad of other topics: Goddesses, Tarot, Past Lives and oh yeah… TRIBE!?! Haha.

Tribe Parte Trez

Podcast 7 – Tribe (Part Deux)

It turns out we have quite a lot to say on the topic of tribe. Tune in for the second instalment with special guest, Theatre Director, Joanna Procter.